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HowTo Add a video / movie / tv / music / media source to XBMC

The HowTo guide will show you how to add media sources (Movies, TV Shows, Music, etc...) to your XBMC installation. The guide will cover both local filesystem sources and network sources. [mwm-aal-display] One of XBMC's best features is the shear number of different kinds of audio and video sources it supports and its ability to create a library from them. You have  standard local sources, i.e your internal ...

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All about XBMC’s advancedsettings.xml file

In a great deal of the guides you will find here and other places, you will find mention of XBMC's advancedsettings.xml file. Often I have found most other sites only include what can seem like somewhat cryptic instructions - if you have some knowledge of the purpose of this file and how it works it is fine, however a new or novice user can struggle. Hopefully this article will go some way in demystifying t ...

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Get XBMC Nightlies

XBMC Nightly Builds Warning Before downloading and using XBMC Nightly Builds, you must understand that these builds are all considered unstable and not for general use. These builds are automatically generated each night use the current snapshot of the XBMC code base. They will included the latest bleeding edge features and fixes, however you also run the risk of them including new bugs or glitches that hav ...

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XBMC 11 Eden Is Nearly Here….

So XBMC 11 Eden Release Candidate 2 is now available and the final release shouldn't be to long for off for those that don't want to use the early release candidates. XBMC 11 Eden has been in beta testing for the past few months and brings a whole host of new features to XBMC, some obvious on the surface and many more under the hood. Updates include updates to the default skin, a simpler improved library, a ...

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